Risture Shortfuse


Risture is a six foot tall two hundred pound human male with blonde hair and green eyes. He is a little eccentric sometimes, and usually gets along with most everyone, one could probably consider him an optimist. By watching his actions you could infer that he is 100% confident in all of his abilities without hesitation, and more than likely doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. Be cautious though, because if you set an explosive in his hands, you may see a side of him that not even he likes.


Risture was born into a family of pyrotechnics, the Shortfuse family. The family was most notable for its quick acting, and reliable fuses, making them very well known in the demolition industry. The whole family was trained to craft and use their bombs as soon as they were able to hold the tools, and Risture was a natural. He was able to craft bombs that even rivaled his father, and throw them with deadly accuracy, which pleased his father greatly. While Risture was good with his pyrotechnics, it didn’t quite set right with him, it wasn’t what he wanted to do, he wanted to be a doctor.

Risture would always slip away from his work to go outside and look for injured animals to heal, he called them his “patients”. One day one of his brothers caught him shirking from his duties and confronted Risture. “Hey, idiot, you are supposed to be working not playing with the bunnies.” Risture replied “I don’t want to blow things up anymore, I want to help the things we are harming, not hurt them, you guys do enough of that anyways.” (Referring to the animals his family used as target dummies.) Risture’s brother saw this as an opportunity to cut down his fathers “favorite” child and ran straight to him. Risture’s father was heartbroken with the news that Risture didn’t want to be a pyrotechnic like himself, and instead of confronting him, fell into a state of despair, in his eyes, Risture had failed him.

Risture’s brother was outraged at his father’s reaction and grabbed the family’s hand axe and set out for Risture. Risture noticed his brother’s return and was in the process of turning around to greet him when he met an axe to his chest. Risture fell backwards unconscious from the blow. His brother cleaned off the axe and returned home, thinking he had dealt with his brother once and for all, and could return telling his family that Risture was eaten by some manner of wild beast.

Risture awoke to a burning pain in his chest as if acid was being poured on it, and in actuality, it was. There was a man standing over him pouring a smelly substance onto Risture’s chest, the man noticed Risture waking up and assured him that he was helping him. He told him he had a pretty nice wound on his chest and asked him what it was from, Risture replied with “Brotherly love.” The man chuckled quietly under his breath and then asked Risture his name. Risture told him, and the man chuckled even louder, “Oh Shortfuse? You mean the bombers? You must’ve done something really stupid to get an axe to the chest from your family.” “Yea…” Risture replied “I told them I didn’t want to blow things up anymore, I wanted to be a healer.” The man pulled down his mask and fell backwards laughing uncontrollably, spilling some of the liquid on the ground, which burnt a hole through the floor. “Boy, you sure did fuck up!” Risture sat up, feeling surprisingly better already and replied “No shit…”. “Well kid” said the stranger "I guess I can’t be sending you back there, how about I send you back where I came from, you can pursue your “dream” there." The man saw Risture’s face light up and gave out another chuckle.

A few minutes passed and the man told Risture he was good to leave, Risture seemed surprised at that, and felt his chest, which seemed to be perfectly fine now, minus a nice scar from the blow. “Sorry” the man said “I haven’t gotten it to remove scars yet, but I’m working on it!”. “What do I owe you?” replied Risture. “Nothing, free, from one doctor to another, now get out there and do what you want to do.” With that the man gave Risture directions where to go to learn his trade and then sent him off, but as Risture was leaving, the man stopped him one more time. “Here! Take these.” With that, the man tossed Risture his glasses, they were a thinned rim pair of glasses, that looked fairly expensive, but was caught Risture’s eye was that they had no glass in them. Risture looked up at the man with a confused look on his face. The man winked at him and disappeared back into his tent. Risture was even more confused now, but instead of questioning it, he shrugged, put the glassless glasses on and set off, following the map.

Risture Shortfuse

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