FOR SALE: One Shortspear for 7 silver pieces each. One Masterwork Scythe with absolutely no affiliation with evil for 300 gold pieces. For sale by the executor of the estate of Beldrick Elfran, Mahetabel Elfran. No returns or take backs, coins only, no delivery.

REVENGE NEEDED: Looking for a group of iron willed, stupidly brave, and extremely powerful allies to aid in the total destruction of Razorjaw the Scourge of the Lake. He is wanted dead for the merciless and brutal slaying of Sir Beldrick Elfran. If the monster is killed without the presence of the author of this notice bring proof to the former house of Sir Beldrick Elfran and the slayer shall be rewarded handsomely. Contact Mahetabel Elfran for more information.

PEAT NEEDED: Looking for 600 pounds of swamp peat for special needs. Willing to trade potions or alchemical goods. Contact Simon Ranre for details.

[A piece of parchment sets pinned on the board covered in prissy handwriting, it looks like a job contract. It seems to be advertising an archeological venture out into the Feral Lands, and it boast a large reward for assisting in the project. Near the end it explains that all able bodied adventurers should contact a miss Grace Husher if interested, the document is signed by her.]

[On the board seems to be pinned a scroll with terrible handwriting. Upon further investigation it appears to be the introduction to an essay entitled “Breaking the Glass Ceiling of the Female Adventurer: Empowering Women to Quest”.]


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