Karlyle's Journal

May 1st,

It has been a long time since I last wrote anything in this old thing, but I figured I should begin writing again since I lost all my previous pages.

I haven’t seen any sign of Hunter in years, maybe I have finally lost him? His last ambush at that river in the north was a close call for Solitus and I, but we made it. I have been traveling south as of recent, it just felt like the direction to go for now, hopefully Hunter hasn’t caught on. I eventually came upon a small town in front of a large wall, called Drarhold. I was very curious what this gate was for, perhaps its the way into the Feral Lands that I heard of at least a century ago. This town seems safe, I just hope its size doesn’t work against me, I’ll just have to lay low like I always have, It has been a long time since I have stopped anywhere.

The first place I went to was that curious wall, where I saw an interesting looking character snatch a paper off the billboard and head to a house, his style of dress would lead me to believe he is a wizard or sorcerer of some sort, the scorpion carrying his bedroll was the real giveaway however. As I approached the small shrine looking structure on the wall I noticed a certain shrine which, for the love of the Lich-Lord, I will not name. There was a wanted poster stuck on the wall nearby which had some mans face on it, I didn’t take much note of it because getting involved is a good way to get caught. From there I proceeded to what looked to be the trading post. Solitus seemed to be making the townsfolk nervous, they have probably never seen one of her kind before, I knew it would be a bad idea to bring her into town, but she would not leave my side, hopefully she doesn’t bring too much attention to me. The trading post was too small for Solitus to come in so I motioned her to remain outside and I assured her I would be alright.

The shop keep was a halfing who seemed rather interested in selling me everything, his persistence was making me nervous as I was looking for anything of note, I was still good on rations for now, so I left as quickly as I could. Solitus seemed overjoyed that I was alright upon leaving the trade post, I wonder if she is as nervous as I am? It was approximately midday at this point, so I went to the building that looked to be the inn, there was a stable there with horses in it, one seemed particularly strong to me, he seemed to have some things stained on his saddle, he was a little antsy though, perhaps he hadn’t been used in a while? There also seemed to be a tree-folk standing outside the door to the inn, a most odd sight but he seemed very calm, I placed my hand on Solitus’ neck and motioned her to go set away from him just in case, hopefully the creatures outside the inn don’t make a scene, I don’t want to be forced out of here before I get my bearings.

As I entered the Inn I recognized the man who took the paper off of the bulletin earlier, he was speaking to what seemed to be a very drunk adventurer, for some ungodly reason he was still in his armor as well, maybe his stupor will keep any unwanted attention on him. I went an sat a fair distance away from those two, it was best to not get close, a conversation with them would probably be loud. As I moved to my seat I noticed a rough looking man cooking over the hearth in the inn, he was enormous, his build reminded me of a great tree in the forest, he seemed very calm, much like the tree-folk outside, perhaps they are together? I would of pegged him as an outsider, perhaps he is a druid like me, he has an aura about him, hopefully he doesn’t bother me much, I’d prefer to not draw attention with that giant of a man. While I was seated and eating my meal for the day a halfing walked into the inn, he looked of the adventuring type, and my guess would be that he arrived here today just as I did. I also noticed that he had quite the Yondalla look to him, my guess would be that he is a paladin of hers, I best stay clear. I was almost finished with my meal when the man who looked like a wizard rose up from his seat and proclaimed that he was looking for some book that was needed by the town psycho and he needed some help doing so. My judgements of the patrons in the inn were all spot on; the giant man, and the halfing both stood up, as did the drunk. As they did I got a strange feeling in my chest that I hadn’t felt in a long time, like a tug. It caused me to rise out of my chair and approach the man in robes.

I walked up to him and told him I would be interested in helping him get this book, he seemed surprised when I asked. He asked me to take off my hood as well, which I hesitated to do as first, but I did it anyways. As I imagined the drunk immediately started hitting on me as soon as the hood fell, disgusting. I did manage to get by with not revealing my name to them, so they nicknamed me “Red”, I can’t say how many times I have heard that.

May 2,

I awoke with the worst feeling in my gut this morning, I don’t have any recollection of what could’ve caused it, maybe there is something in the environment here.

Karlyle's Journal

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